Village reviews tax abatements in online session

Tax abatement review was online

The Batavia Village Housing Council met online by round-robin email on Thursday, March 26, 2020.

The Housing Council reviewed properties receiving tax abatement in Village of Batavia Community Reinvestment Area #1, which is the entire village except for some undeveloped land that the village can add later if their owners request. Seven residential properties and one commercial property are receiving tax abatement, and the Housing Council must annually verify their compliance with the terms of the abatement. Housing officer Dennis Nichols reported that all eight properties are in compliance.

The Housing Council unanimously approved the review and directed Mr. NIchols to forward the report to Columbus.

Because of the Covid-19 emergency and the Ohio quarantine order, the meeting was online. Once the Ohio emergency ends, the Housing Council will meet and ratify the minutes and conduct any other necessary business.