S.R. 32 traffic delays at Bauer Road project

Traffic delays on S.R. 32  at Bauer Road

Lane restrictions will slow traffic on State Route 32 to the east and west of Bauer Road, as well as on Bauer Road at S.R. 32, daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. through June 12 for preliminary site work to build a Restricted Crossing U-Turn (RCUT).

Work will continue through the summer. The Ohio Department of Transportation will provide new information about delays as construction proceeds.

The RCUT project eliminates left turns from Bauer Road to S.R 32 and the cross-over movement through the intersection. Upon completion of the project, motorists traveling on Bauer Road will be required to turn right onto S.R. 32 and either continue straight or do a legal U-turn at a one-way, signalized crossover to travel in the opposite direction on S.R. 32 or proceed to Bauer Road on the opposite side of the mainline route.

The project is a result of hazards in which traffic congestion and driver misperceptions of the gap in opposing traffic have caused crashes. In 2019, the intersection was listed on the Governor’s Top 150 list for intersection improvements, and it was ranked as the 44th highest crash location among Urban Non-Freeway intersections in the state.

Barrett Paving Materials was awarded a contract for approximately $2.4 million to undertake the project, and construction is anticipated to be completed in late fall.