Batavia has free flowering trees

Batavia Village has free flowering trees for residents. The trees are 18-24″ bare-root seedlings and should be planted as soon as possible. The village has a limited supply of white flowering dogwood and eastern redbud seedlings. Both are native species in the neighborhood.

Village residents can call the Batavia Town Hall, 732-2020, and request up to three trees. The village will deliver the trees. The trees are 18-24″ bare-root seedlings.

The dogwood is a small tree with spectacular white flowers in early spring. It tolerates shade to full sun and is an excellent landscaping tree. Its red fruits are food for birds and other wildlife. The mature height and spread are 10 feet to 30 feet.

The redbud has brilliant purple flowers in early spring. Its large, dark green, heart-shaped leaves turn bright yellow in fall. Northern bobwhite and songbirds eat the seeds, and this tree provides nesting and cover for birds and small mammals. It grows to 25 feet.