Brush pickup ends in October, leaf pickup starts

Batavia's final brush pickup of the year will be the first week of October. Leaf pickup will begin soon afterwards,

The Village picks up brush at the curb the first Monday of the month, weather permitting. The brush pick-up is a recycle program. Nothing that is picked up should end up in the landfill. The Village has a contract with an individual who does organic farming.

In Autumn, instead of brush, Batavia picks up leaves. Leaf pickup begins when the leaves fall, which is usually between mid-October and Hallowe'en. Please rake leaves to the curb. Collection will begin each Monday and continue as weather permits.

The Village will not pick up brush during leaf season, because we much change equipment for each operation. We do not pick up grass clippings, because our contractor will not accept them. Please make sure to place all leaves at the curb by the week of December 1. We cannot pick up any leaves after that week.